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Plush Toy Animal Rhino Keel Toys Soft Toy 25 cm - B00FSD19B8

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  • Rhinoceros as they are no animals that can be unreliable Lange. Our cuddly plush toy Rhino is a straight but prefer Geselle and will be pleased to get its cuddly friends. To this cute stuffed toy we put you a rich probe to our body butter Cherry/blackcurrant; Capacity of 5 ml. Enjoy the beautiful skin feel after use the body butter.

  • Our plush RHINO look at its rear legs, the front legs from off the rear legs and a bit sad Drein. The Rhino wants a new soft toy home.

  • With a grippy size of about 25 cm is cuddly animal Rhino is a handy cuddly toy for all Safari fans and plush animal lovers. A great gift is the sweet Rhino.

  • Toy Animals for a safari can be found in the Lashuma wellness manufacturing. In addition to the wide mouth Rhino for cuddling added to our plush lion, fabric nil Horse, soft giraffe and much more.

  • Made from the finest, plush material, our cuddly soft Rhino. Particularly soft and cuddly is the cute Rhino filled baby. Enriched with granule sachets for stability.

  • Today, there are only 5 various types of Rhino all over the world. In Africa there were two types available, the wide jaw Rhinoceros and the pointed jaw Rhino. From Asia are the curb Rhino that Java Rhinoceros and the Sumatranashorn known, but almost dead. The curb Rhino and the Java Rhino with only in terms of horn to all spread across two horns. The wide mouth Rhino, as well as the three kinds of elephants and the hippo is one of the largest land mammals and today, the greatest of all types of living Rhino. The body's color tone of the website's photo and the wide mouth Nashorns is slate grey.
    Our cute stuffed toy Rhino has two horns on his funny nose design. So it's a African Rhino. Because its fun plush soft toy stuffed animal ears Claw Zulaufen and easily be Maul broad and flat, you can the stuffed toy is quite evident as a broad Rhino. The lifelike representation of the Sweet stuffed animals give the cuddly rhino a high play value. This means that you can with the cuddly rhino playfully discover the world, just like you're actually is.
    To Manufacture A renowned for their realistic stuffed animal we have the plush soft toy stuffed animal RHINO made of plush grey material. However, we have the wide jaw Rhino for snling up slightly shrunk so that both small and big furry animal friends cuddle the soft toy Rhino. The Cuddle Plush is with excellent quality and beautifully soft.So cute you can cuddle animal RHINO as it da fit with the front legs. You like the sweet fabric remove Rhino directly into the arm and the cute plush animals cuddle.
    The plush Rhino is suitable for children over 36 months and can be cleaned at own requirements hand wash only.

    Plush Toy Animal Rhino Keel Toys Soft Toy 25 cm - B00FSD19B8

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